Tula World

Ocean's 17 (b/c that's how many tries it took to pick the lock on the vault)

The heroes are propositioned by the Order of Obscured Magicks.

Full text to be added later.

Adventure complete.

Bonus Experience Rewards: Dreadnok (CLong): 250xp for role-play when choosing not to kill the last raider, but rather charging him “50 gold a head” to spare his life. Dreadnok (CLong): 100xp for getting the first 1-shot decapitation of the game. Furiun (Xt): 250xp for “taking point” and successfully infiltrating the Baskerville Temple of St. Cuthbert, picking the lock on the vault, stealing the crate of potions, and making it out alive. Furiun (Xt): 250xp for his wife sending him with the DND cookie! Yasu (Jersh): 200xp for making sure that no metagaming was taking place even though he was privy to information that would have allowed it. Arch (Andy): 200xp for looking deeply into his character’s abilities (making a spell book outside of game, etc…) and for using his abilities to fullest.

Experience points received by each player for completing the adventure:


Totals: Dreadnok: 2375xp; Furiun: 2525xp; Yasu: 2225xp; Arch: 2225xp



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